Case Studies-1


Brooklyn School of Inquiry website 



To improve delivery of instructions, updates, artwork, and notifications to a diverse audience of teachers, staff, parents and students.  Daily forms in particular needed to be rethought in terms of easy access for all users without calling school staff for help.



We developed a robust, clean platform that all users can quickly update. This is a Gifted & Talented school that reaches out to parents of K-8th graders with a constant stream of class updates and daily forms. To meet that demand, we built a structured interface that produces consistent-looking blogs, with minimal effort. This project included professional development on writing  journalist headlines with declarative images to help tell the story. 

This project was completed with WordPress, custom CSS and the Adobe Creative Suite.


Adrienne Rich Literary Trust website 



The Adrienne Rich Literary Trust requested a digital tool that could be used for scholarly research as well as an introduction to her vast body of work. A store front and archival database would also need to be integrated to help to fully comprehend Adrienne Rich as a poet, writer of prose, and speaker. 



Via photography, audio, and samples of work, we offer different blocks of content depending on the users goals. The last thing anyone wanted was to produce a heavily branded platform to represent Rich's work; the project, while still growing, displays her as a humanist, scholar, and towering figure both in a political sense and as an artist.
Launch date: Feb, 2017

This project was completed with WordPress, custom CSS and the Adobe Creative Suite.


Social Media Video



InterExchange Work & Travel participants will not only experience life in the U.S., but can make a difference in someones life as well; We needed a powerful illustration to share with future participants. 



As the Art Director at InterExchange, I documented our participants who joined the God's Love We Deliver team as they prepared a delivery to people in need. The InterExchange participants were primarily ESL speakers, so we also filmed an interview with a staffer to help tell the story. 


Social Media Campaign



To encourage cultural exploration for the participants of the InterExchange Work & Travel programs.



Our team at IEX developed a social media campaign around a contest for who could see the most culturally rich U.S. points of interest within a given time. The U.S. Department of State was grateful and gave our efforts an official YouTube thanks. This type of contest has since been replicated throughout the industry. 


Internal Page Design specifications



To instruct developers as to design specifications. This stage takes place after several reviews with IEX stakeholders. This site required a platform that was consistent to the IEX brand, yet answer the needs of five distinct groups. This example is one of many, many pages for the organization. The markup was shared as a flat PDF as well as a layered Photoshop file.



Markup designs in Adobe Photoshop at 100%.

This project was completed with the Adobe Creative Suite.


Campaigns across digital and print


Create campaigns that can be communicated across digital and print platforms.


Use brand dress, imagery and logo systems to match in both digital and print platforms. This particular campaign was created for the Work and Travel Group at InterExchange.


Book covers & interior design


To showcase content for both small print runs to trade publications.


Each publication has, of course, unique demands. With the exception of American Casino and NY Cooks, I designed both the cover and interiors. While graphically signifying genre is vital, incorporating the authors vision is essential to the life of a publication.

An Other Side

Leonard Polonsky

Give Me a Cookie

Dr. Sara Jdori

Fake My Death

Marian Williams, ed

Alibis & Other Things to Pack

Karl Wendes

American Casino

Douglas E. Shoen

NY Cooks

Krellenstein & Winkler

Figure it Out

Chris Hart

UX PERSONA POINTS-My Notes to explain User Research to my team

Discuss ideas to improve conversions

The following is intentionally bland as per a customary non-disclosure agreement.

Specifically: Not enough from this group are registering with us.
Objective: To funnel more from this group to register with us.

One Approach:
Research this group that we use and that we know, but have not registered with this program. Contact and schedule one-on-one interviews to hopefully discover problems that we’ve been unaware of.

Discussion points
Determine what group or individual would be suitable for interviews. For this first foray, three diverse people from this group would be optimal.
Phone calls are immediate but this program can also email queries and make a decision based on responses.
We can also consider recruiting willing subjects from a pop up questionnaire.
Note, Every attempt should be made to gain as much diversity from candidate to candidate.

Determine language for interview requests.
Interview questions
Ask open-ended questions that will encourage the person to elaborate (who, what, where, why and how questions are particularly useful.
Avoid leading questions that might distort responses (for example, “What’s wrong with our website?”
Clarifying understanding by paraphrasing what the person says.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS)
The Net promoter score is a simple measure of customer satisfaction. Customers answer the question “How likely would you recommend IEX to a friend or relative? On a scale of ) to 10. Using Pie graphs the data can be turned into a percentage showing the ration of “Promoters” to “Detractors”. NPS provides a basic way to quantify a notoriously intangible thing--happiness-making a useful metric for UX design.

Personas from this Group

Marketing Associates to create two to three personas for each of their programs.
Objective: Create documents that describe typical users. Base personas on existing data from the Marketing Department and/or program research from interviews. To help build the Marketing departments research for Personas, this program might be able to find appropriate participants from either Facebook or Twitter or their own social circles to find business owners or similar.
Note, Every attempt should be made to gain as much diversity from candidate to candidate and personas should be sketchy with the intention refining as we get a better understanding of user behavior throughout this research.



Small Business Owner
Social Media Marketing
Key Decision-maker

Demographics Goals & Challenges
Age 32-39 Save time online
Skews female Find interesting content to share
$90k/year Maximize social media resources
Urban location HOW CAN WE HELP
Master's desgree Schedule posts to queue
Married, no kids Content suggestions


Name of the Persona
The name can be whatever we choose. Make it a real name so the persona feels like a real person. A persona should have enough psychological detail to allow you to conveniently step over to the persona’s view and see your products and services from her perspective. A persona can function almost like another person in the room when making a decision—It is “Sally.” She looks at what you’re doing from her particular and very specific vantage point, and points out flaws and benefits for her.

Job Title Key Information about their company (size, type, etc)
Age Gender
Demographics Details about their Role
Edducation Family
Salary / household income Goals and challenges
Primary goal How you help achieve these goals
Primary challenge How you help solve these problems
Values / fears  Common objections during sales process

Note, Every attempt should be made to gain as much diversity from candidate to candidate.