Digital Design for:
Brooklyn School of Inquiry

Brooklyn School of Inquiry needed a fully responsive platform with a strong, consistent structure for posts and announcements. The school also needed clearly accessible downloadable forms, links, class updates and assignments.
My work: Lead Design, Content organization, Photoshop, and custom CSS/HTML on WordPress.

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Launch Site

Digital Design for:
Silent Crow

I designed and branded a digital platform and home that tells the story behind Silent Crow Arts, a boutique television and film production company that successfully manages to create highly viewed (and highly regarded) television shows in completely varied formats
My work: Design, Branding, Photoshop, Flash coding and custom 

Redesign Launch April 2017

Digital Design for:
The Adrienne Rich Literary Trust

The Adrienne Rich Literary Trust requested a responsive platform designed for both scholars and the general reader. The site features rare content and videos, as well as recordings of her much revered speeches. Project will be tied to Adrienne Rich's publisher, WW Norton & Co.
My work: Design, Photoshop,Research and custom 

Design Launch May 2017

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Digital Design for:
Web Ads, Social Media Pieces

Examples of digital media for ads, & social media for InterExchange
My work: Design, Ad copy, & Photoshop

This project was completed with a Photoshop, Illustrator & CMS