Non-Stop, inventive story-telling @ NY Times

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The Keith Scott Shooting: A 3-D Reconstruction
My local paper constantly surprises me. Rarely do my eyes glaze over when reading the NY Times online, but just at the moment when the news doesn’t change or I’ll need a break prior to ingesting more Trump fear-mongering, the digital editors pop in stories that keep my browser window open and humming. The shooting death of Keith Scott was a horrible enigma that begged to be understood, yet I didn’t ask for more; I just assumed the incident lived and died with Scott’s wife and the Police force. The NYTimes did ask for more, however, and Sarah Almukhtar, Ford Fessenden, Anjsli Singhvi and Josh Williams wrangled data, verified details and built a graphic story that graphically lit up dark areas of the tragic sequence embracing simple animation and Javascript. They’ve done this many times. I’ll try to round up more and post soon.