Trpohy bag of nuts n' snacks

Could You Design This?

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I’m as accomplished a designer as the rest of them, but I really, really wonder if given this assignment, I could achieve the look of this nice, innocent package. Say the boss at Trophy Nuts hires you and explains his dream that you’ll have to make come true. You’re sitting on a burst naugahyde covered office chair at a metal desk from 1934 and listen: “This bag has to look good, so good it knocks the competition off the shelf”  The boss would then grab his own chin, look wistfully at the ceiling and say, “You have to bring back the good old days, you know, a carnival, a ballgame.” You nod. At this point, the head of Trophy Nuts places his hands on his hips, looks you straight in the eye and says, “Make sure the price stands out too. And we have to talk to the customer. Be nice. Be casual. And say Snacks too. People love snacks, whatever kind. I got it! ‘Nuts ‘N Snacks’ ! Listen art guy, this doesn’t have to be Picasso, just make it good.